Getting Help via Remote Support


Sometimes it may be faster and easier to examine your computer by “remote support” over the internet.  If we believe we can help you without having to schedule a visit to your home or office, an Amity consultant will remotely log into your computer, so we can see first hand the problems you describe, and attempt to fix them straight away. 


To allow an Amity consultant access to your computer, you will need to download and run a special application.  Here’s how: 

  1. Click on 

  2. Click on the downloads button in the top right corner of your Safari window to reveal the downloads list, then click on the TeamViewerQS.dmg download. 

  3. If your computer asks whether you want to open this disk image, click “open”. 

  4. Double-click on the TeamViewer icon to start the application. 

  5. If your computer asks if you’re sure you want to open this application, click “open” 

  6. A Teamviewer window will open, and after a few seconds you will be presented with two numbers: an ID for your computer and a 4-digit password.   

    When you share these numbers with your Amity consultant, they will be able to remotely view and control your computer over the internet, until one of you terminates the session, or you quit the TeamViewer application. 

Note that the password for your computer changes each time you start the application, so your Amity consultant will only be able to view and control your computer once using this password. 

For instructions with corresponding images, please download the PDF