Founded by Benjamin Cebon in 2007, Amity Technology
is a full service Apple tech support firm catering to
individuals and companies of all sizes.


We believe technology should always work the way you want it to: there when you need it, then disappear when you don't; a source of pleasure, not frustration or anxiety; easy to use, so it can make you more productive. 

Whether you're a designer, executive, retailer, or simply a music lover, Amity can help you regain control of your technology.  We don’t just fix computers – we create simple solutions that work for your needs.


Benjamin Cebon


Ben has a research scientist background and previously worked in drug design before founding Amity. Ben brings his analytical and big-picture problem solving approach to the technology, focusing on his clients’ core needs and making their technology work in the simplest and most reliable ways possible. He gets great satisfaction from helping people and businesses to become more efficient in their work and more confident with their computers, devices, and systems.


Dave Browne

Dave has expertise in Macs and and a background in audio engineering, and he loves setting up home theater systems.